Pyrotechnica – Dynamite Lyrics

Pyrotechnica Dynamite Lyrics, Dynamite Lyrics by Pyrotechnica

Light up the world
Just to light your smile,
If it was up to me.
We go running straight through the fire,
Getting pretty used to the heat.
It gets suffocating
But it never burns,
Not enough to bear our teeth.
Dance and circling
the flames that’ll never cease.

Can you hear the voices a-callin’?
Can you see the sparks they a-jumpin?
In you blood,
In your bones.
You can’t wait to feel that:

We were meant
To set off high
Like dynamite, dynamite
We were made
To light the sky
Like dynamite, dynamite

Light up the world
It relieves your ache
Of a certain routine
That drains you.
So don’t stop now,

Into the fire
C’mon c’mon
it keeps you awake.

Float through the smoke in your lungs.
Lick the scorch right off your tongue.
Strike a match,
Fly too close to the sun.
One touch…
And it’s dynamite, dynamite oh-hh.