RAY BLK – Lauren’s Skit Lyrics

RAY BLK Lauren’s Skit Lyrics, Lauren’s Skit Lyrics by RAY BLK

Look at you, you little pussy hole
That’s right, yeah, don’t pick up my fucking phone call, you fucking shook head
‘Cause you know exactly why I’m calling you

So you want to be fucking bitches?
Remember I told you about me, and I’m a fucking detective and I found out everything
You piece of shit
All you know to do is fuck gyal
Fuck gyal, fuck gyal, fuck gyal
That’s why you ain’t got no P’s, bro
You’re too busy with gyal instead of getting your money up
I was riding for you, fam
I hope you catch a fucking disea-
No, fuck that
I hope you fuck a witch
She fucking ruins your life, your dicks falls off
And nothing good comes ever your flipping way, bruv
‘Cause all you know how to do is stick your dick in any single pussy, what the fuck?
Watch me, you fucked with the wrong one, bruv
Look, watch when I fucking catch you, bruv, you’re done out here, you fucking prick