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Ray Vaughn – Top Shottas Lyrics

Ray Vaughn Top Shottas Lyrics, Top Shottas Lyrics by Ray Vaughn

Wait, bitch, don’t ask for no money (Money)
I only use it for props (Props)
I’m from the block where they let it rain
Like they was tying a knot (Grrah)
For thinkin’ it’s Gucci, get wiped (Wiped)
This go for all of my opps (Opps)
I need some shoe and some [?]
.40 go, fire, fire, fire, fire-fire, fire-fire
Ayy, your bitch called me, just got a rico
Rico, ridin’ with a rico (Ridin’ with a rico)
Ayy, my life is a freak show, I am Carlito
You could be finito (Finito)
Ayy, I’m really outside like the Mexicans stand
In the front of Home Depot
Ayy, Jackson [?], dog like Chico, bitch, I’m Deebo (Deebo)
So while you [?], bitch, bye Felicia (Bitch, bye)
I’m tryna patch it up like alopecia, bitch, slide the visa (Slide the visa)
Nah, I ain’t really got time to [?], ain’t got a condom either (Ayy)
You with that [?], do you [?]
You couldn’t get a slice of pizza (Pizza)
No, I do not have time to go conversate, ‘less you gon’ jack me like [?]
I’ma keep it G, real with you ’cause I got time today, I know you too wet to concentrate
Get hit in your head, that’s when they take your mind away
God give you wings then you fly away (Fly away)
If we see a opp, make the doctors come operate
Cops came then we don’t cooperate (Ayy)

Top shotta (Top shotta), top shotta (Top shotta)
Top shotta, I’ma fire
Top shotta (Top shotta), top shotta (Top shotta)
Top shotta, I’ma fire, fire

Yeah, I’m Mad Maxin’, Teddy Bruckshot
‘Member days when I was at the bus stop
Now I’m ballin’, I ain’t gotta jump shot
Lookin’ mean and I can get your mug shot
But the cup’s hot, stand in one spot
The way I truck could probably move a truck stop
‘Cause blood clots to the bloodclaats (Ayy, ayy)
Makin’ blood fly, fire, fire, fire, fire (Ah-ow)
Headshots, he comin’ Elizabeth, turn him to red 5’s (Red 5’s)
Red dots (Red dots)
Fire, fire, fire
Bullets the size of a [?] (Fire)
She give me head while she wearin’ a weave (Weave)
When she done prayin’, say, “Stay on your knees” (Knees)
It’s time to leave, bitch, take off my tee (Tee)
You don’t give head so you came to treef (Treef)
Ayy, I put that meat in her organs (Organs)
If she let me beat where I’m at in the streets, put his shoes on a crease up, it’s Jordans (Jordans)
I came from four to a fortune, money get blue like it’s Corbin, yeah, yeah
But I still got niggas that torch/tote shit, blow your brains out of proportion (Bang, bang)

Top shotta (Top shotta), top shotta (Top shotta)
Top shotta, I’ma fire
Top shotta (Top shotta), top shotta (Top shotta)
Top shotta, fire, fire