Red Velvet – Cosmic EP Lyrics

Red Velvet Cosmic EP Lyrics

Cosmic is the seventh Korean extended play and fifthteen overall by South Korean girl group Red Velvet released by SM Entertainment on June 24, 2024, and contains six tracks including the lead single of the same name.

The lead single, “Cosmic”, was described as a dance-pop song characterized by “synth strings and disco rhythm” with “fairytale-like” lyrics about “about meeting [the listener], a lonely traveller who crash-landed on [Red Velvet] and learning about infinite love like the universe”.

The second track, “Sunflower”, was described as a dance-pop song featuring a “lively yet emotional melody” with lyrics about “a sunflower having a crush on the sun and wanting to stay with you even if I had to fly into space and change day and night”.

The third track, “Last Drop, was described as a “bass-heavy” R&B pop song with lyrics about “I was able to shine because you were always protecting me like the universe”.

The fourth track, “Love Arcade”, was described as a “medium-tempo” dance-pop song featuring “fun sound effects reminiscent of an arcade and keyboard sounds” with lyrics about “a witty story about letting go and creating our own world as our hearts guide us, including breaking all the rules that stand in the way between you and me”.

The fifth track, “Bubble”, was described as a Synth-pop dance song featuring a “drum beat, bass, and keyboard performance” with lyrics about “the world is so dazzling around you that the entire universe will envy you wherever you are”.

The last track, “Night Drive”, was described as a “medium-tempo” R&B pop song featuring a “dream-like atmosphere with languid melody over a dreamy synth rhythm” with lyrics about “a drive on a wonderful night with our memories engraved like stars, expressing the desire to trust each other and move forward together wherever we go in the future”.

Red Velvet Cosmic Tracklist:

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  • Written by: Red Velvet
  • Album: Cosmic
  • Released: 2024