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Reeko Squeeze – Woody Lyrics

Reeko Squeeze Woody Lyrics, Woody Lyrics by Reeko Squeeze

Iont need no gang
Smoke inda ride just me and my killy
Me & da trap like chunkz & filly
Unknown T so I’m bringing wid me
Don’t need no gyal, weren’t trap doing up grub wid me

Or in jail cell cooking up indomie
Or on the block doing up block bully
But I need more bands I can come & takeover fully
Man talking my name how could he
Smoke just right underneath my hoody
Whats goodie

Man just pulled n burst then boogie
Bare gal say my cologne is cookie
Cowboy playing with toys I’m woody
Bad B badder than your boy she got more bread n she got more toys
Silence mode when we creep on man n we make no noise
Smoke on me managing the hammers like david moyes
Doing up deals that you cant even invoice
Glide in the summer now you cant enjoy

Best talk to your boy
Young n**** from the blue coming off the wing Hudson Odoi
Man talk on my name most these yutes man use to employ
Back to back re-up, now they cant see us, we in convoy