Regina Spektor – Coin Lyrics

Regina Spektor Coin Lyrics

I gave a coin to a shaman
He showed me a vision so bright
I was so glad to have seen it all
But I awoke with a fright

So I gave a coin to a scientistWho showed me which number I was
Told me the order of things to come
But I forgot what it was

So I gave a coin to a president
He sent me to fight in his war
I still don’t know who won, who lost
I still don’t know what it was for

Just lock all the doors
And get down on the floor
They’ll be coming for more
Always coming for more

So I gave my next coin to a baby
He took it to put in his mouth
Swallowed it whole then started to crawl
I knew he wouldn’t remember me at all

When he grew up and took a look at the world
When he grew up and had nothing to hold
When he grew up and saw it’s my fault

So I took my last coin and I gave it to you
You smiled and said Oh you shouldn’t have
But your eyes spoke louder than your mouth
Your eyes said thank you
Your eyes said love

Love is enough
of a reason to stay
Love is enough

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Regina Spektor, Skopje Studio Orchestra
  • Album: Home, before and after
  • Released: 2022