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Reminisce – Vibes Lyrics



Reminisce Vibes And Insha Allah Lyrics

Reminisce – Vibes and Insha Allah Lyrics

Reminisce Vibes Lyrics

Wake up in the morning
What do I do today? (Sxxt!)
Je kin lo si Cubase
O lorin ti baddo send to ye kin tunse
But first ki arizona ba mi ra igbo 2 bail
Oda puff puff pass
Tooba jina ma lo fa o ma pass
Emi n sha na si igbo kin ba le ro past
Nkan to ba fe baje kin le tunse fast

Awon omo mi wanle today’s not a school day
It’s kinda hard to focus, omo no be today
Lapse in concentration ma gara kose juwe
Damn IN’m about to watse 2 days

I wrote verse one before but I don’t like it
Je kin shi notepad mi
lam gonna rewrite it
The perfectionist in me is always undecided
Gbogbo verse mi lo gbodo no passmark Nike
That aint happening
Pelu awon omo tan gun keke kiri inu compound yi
Awon fans ma understand pe moni day care
Alaga Rap whatever you can rap and take care

In other words
Vibes and Insha Allah
Mofope Fun orun to da mi Alhamdulilah x2
In other words
Vibes & Insha Allah
Mofope Fun orun to da mi Alhamdulilah
Vibes & insha Allah.x5
Vibes& insha Allah
Vibes& insha Allah
Vibes & insha Allah
Vibes & insha Allah

Vibes lan lo
Vibes & insha Allah
Daddy day care, rapper, singer

30+ vibes
To ba ma Koran pelu awon omo ninu ile waa ni

Written by; Reminisce, MO and Fatimah Safaru
Produced by; TMXO
Released date; 29th July, 2020
Album/EP; Vibes and Insha Allah EP

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