Rihanna – ANTI Album Lyrics, Tracklist

Rihanna ANTI Album Lyrics, ANTI Album Lyrics by Rihanna

Decades into her career, Rihanna remains a hypnotic presence. Brooding, erotic, and deceptively diverse, ANTI coolly jumps from oozing slow jams (“Kiss it Better”) to bubbling pop confections (the futurist dancehall-lite Drake collaboration “Work”) to serrated experiments (the vaguely industrial “Woo”) and throwback comfort food (“Love on the Brain,” “Higher”).

As always, her voice remains the star, with charisma pouring like smoke out of the speakers.

Rihanna ANTI Album Tracklist;

  1. Rihanna – Consideration Lyrics ft. SZA
  2. Rihanna – James Joint Lyrics
  3. Rihanna – Kiss It Better Lyrics
  4. Rihanna – Work Lyrics ft. Drake
  5. Rihanna – Desperado Lyrics
  6. Rihanna – Woo Lyrics ft. Travis Scott
  7. Rihanna – Needed Me Lyrics
  8. Rihanna – Yeah, I Said It Lyrics
  9. Rihanna – Same Ol’ Mistakes Lyrics
  10. Rihanna – Never Ending Lyrics
  11. Rihanna – Love on the Brain Lyrics
  12. Rihanna – Higher Lyrics
  13. Rihanna – Close to You Lyrics
  14. Rihanna – Goodnight Gotham Lyrics (Bonus Track)
  15. Rihanna – Pose Lyrics (Bonus Track)
  16. Rihanna – Sex with Me Lyrics (Bonus Track)

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