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Ritt Momney – Screwtape Lyrics

Ritt Momney Screwtape Lyrics

I could use a good dream tonight
Or even just some sleep
But I’m held by a conscious mind
And a fear of what darkness brings
The sun lights my past like summer
While the night hides the road ahead
And my eyes don’t know which to choose
So they’ll stay turned back in my head

We hid in your car for days
Told you I wanted for nothing
Then my wants all turned to needs
Then my needs all turned away

I play these keys for hours
With my dog sitting at my feet
She’s not here cause she likes the sound
She just wants me to pick her up

Just give me a time and a place
And surely I won’t make it
But tell me to stay away
And surely I’ll be there
No such thing as a winnable fight
And if someone had told me earlier
Then maybe I wouldn’t be here
Maybe I wouldn’t be so tired