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Rowlene Make a Wish Lyrics

Part I
Once I wished, on a star
And my dreams, came true (True)
On one stormy day, the sky transformed
Out of the blue [?]
An angel appeared
(Make a wish)


Wish 1:
I wish for you Rowlene that, the world sees your talent
And that you blow up like I always knew you would
I just really wish that, people all around the world can hear your voice
That’s what I wish for you

Wish 2:
Okay, Row!
I wish we gonna have Grammies, by the end of next year, yeah

Wish 3:
The thing I always pray for is definitely my sanity, you know?
So, I wish for, for everlasting sanity (If that makes sense)

Wish 3:
I have a wish, that I wish I could be still
Find the inner core me
Then the higher power, which is my God

Wish 4:
I wish for an overflow of success and prosperity in everything that I do


Part II

Make a wish
I shoot for the stars and never miss
But there’s no place like home
Look how I made it to the top floor
I finally got what I prayed for
Blessings coming down, hard to ignore

You gotta stay grateful
Never been more faithful
Now look at what it came to
Hurdles overcame, ooh okay boo
And I know it wasn’t my [?]
Weeks gone by since April
If you want I’ll stay still
Don’t shy away from the love you have for me
I know you really are the monster you pretend to be
And I always see us the best as we can be
And you love and you love and you know what to do for me
Make a wish for me

Oh, oh
Ayy, ayy, ayy

Written by; Rowlene
Released date; 14 November, 2020

Make a Wish Lyrics Rowlene