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Russ – Note To Self Lyrics

Russ Note To Self Lyrics (feat. Joey Bada$$, Wale, Big Sean, Hit-Boy)

Hit-Boy, Chomp 2

5 am in Atlanta, I’m writin’ raps
Sometimes I’m fightin’ for my dreams but it seems like they fightin’ back
Light a match in my soul, they tryna bring the rain
Any bridge that I burned always lit the way
I shoot the truth and watch it ricochet
Y’all just insecure like Issa Rae
The game in disarray
Man, who can really spit today?
(Who can rap?)
I think people are gettin’ tired of all the party rap
Me, I’m out in Vegas, I own the spot that I party at

Different levels to this boss shit
Always had drive, Ryan Gosling
Since I had a notebook full of rhymes
They bribe like Lauri Laughlin
They monsters for the green like I’m in Boston
But I’m in ATL
I employ myself and I pay me well
Runnin’ so much game, I tore my ACL
I said that I need a sure thing, she said “Okay Miguel”
How many millions did I make this year? Maybe twelve

All I need’s a couple weeks to make it thirteen
Me, I can stay in touch and still be out of your reach
Definition of keepin’ it cordial
Got it poppin’ like Orville
I made something outta nothing, was always resourceful
Doors will form off of your will (Your will)
I never switched teams, you’re more George Hill (George Hill)
Fuck the haters, focus on who loves it
It’s a shame to be chasin’ love and runnin’ right from it

Whoa, n***** want loyalty without showin’ loyalty
King shit, I want the royal treatment and royalties
My girl fresh faced but I love how she spoil me
War time the only time you gon’ catch me fatigued
I must be preachin’ the way they crossin’ me
Like I dot my I’s and crossin’ my T’s
Really, I got a reputation I often perceive
Lifestyle I live, hairlines often recede
Pursuit of happiness, I’m in the search of it
Covered in Louis Vuitton, we right on the verge of it
Lot of people claimin’ they down bad, as bad as it gets
But understand that rock bottom a bottomless pit
Somebody always doin’ worse than, worse as it is
Time forever tellin’, it’s always gon’ snitch

I walk and talk it to these hoes, they always gon’ miss me
Wisdom of Solomon, I’m always gon’ listen
Saint Michael and Saint Jermaine always protect me
It’s a movie the way these n***** drama projectin’
It’s a cold, cold game and I’m goin’ Wayne Gretzky
Born the same day as Aretha, you gotta respect me
I gotta start treatin’ my life like it’s the only one
I done seen n***** lose they life over a hunnid ones
I done seen wifeys who’s the ones get one and done
My ego say I’m top five, my heart sayin’ I’m one of one

They want me to snap, want me to fall
Want me to crack, want me to starve
YouTube channels to see me react
Want me to bleed, follow they lead, they never come back
But I don’t see none of y’all names on one of my plaques
Note to self, I never heard nobody tell me life was too long
Or talk about pressure then say they on top of it
Only that it’s too short and that they under a lot of it
Somehow I still show love when they show me the opposite

Note to self, they always gon’ go for self
If loyalty be code then my .40 below the belt
It’s lonely when you rich but it’s boring when you get help
That’s why I run my race and they slow ’cause they chasin’ clout, yeah
I got lawyer fees on my desk
Hoya tickets forever, these dogs pressin’ you out
I aspire what they can’t do
I just be playin’ gallery flares, feel like Camp Lo
Hat low, I’m high though, my mind is in a spiral
They ask me if I’m sure, I say a gecko sellin’ Geico
My respect is nothing light though
‘Cause I write flows that turn a cypher to a cyclone
I got hoes so my wife can be my night though
If y’all go dark, my vitriol got vitiligo

Own up, my remorse is nothing light though
This is goosie and gabagool, have a bite though
I might go Michael Myers on any night though
And y’all know I’m killin’ these cities like Money Heist though
Precise though
No heart, only pipe though
I’m in her back space so much she thought she was my type hoe
Sophisticated still a psycho
No bright ideas ’cause I will dim you n****’s light bulb
And spin this whole block like a dreidel
Happy Hanukkah and mazel tov
Till I run out, somebody cut my mic off

Time to separate the kings from the gods
Streams from the bars
You n***** hollerin’, I left the scene from agar
Here today, gone tomorrow
I’m who they honorin’, I raised the bar
Diamond in the rough, not a single flaw
Keep it raw for the call, ain’t worried ’bout the scar
But if it’s war, kick in the door like martial law
It’s levels to this thing, homie, we on different floors
I switch broads like I switch cars
It’s just the hand that I was dealt, I didn’t pick the cards
I deal them demons from myself, ain’t had to hit the squad
Y’all n***** light work
If I told y’all what I made a verse, shit, that might hurt
I can give y’all n***** a clue, how much that ice worth?
Take that, multiply it by two and it might work
It really just all depend on my mood
‘Cause if they don’t pay me my dues, they pay attention
So in the end, I still get paid, like a pension
Fuck n**** and I ain’t even gotta rap
50 gave me like two M’s, how I’m ‘posed to act?
Walk around like I got “Unique” written on my back
My life really like a movie, hold up, n****, bring it back
Yeah, I said I ain’t even gotta rap
50 gave me like two M’s, how I’m ‘posed to act?
Walk around like I got “Unique” written on my back
My life really like a movie, hold up, n****, bring it back

Back, back, back to back (Bring it back)
Way back, back to back (Bring it back)
Say, yeah, bring it back, way back to back, yeah (Bring it back)
Bring it back back to back, uh (Bring it back)
Yeah, n****
Joseph Badmon, you done know
Joey Bada$$
Whoa, CHOMP, CHOMP, n****