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Russ – Sheep Lyrics

Russ Sheep Lyrics

Y’all know what it is
It’s that time
It’s that time, ha-ha
Jake One, CHOMP 2

I like all my women to be sex-crazed
Models tryna put my hair in French braids
This industry is high school
Grown men and women acting like they still in tenth grade
I don’t care what your friends say
I’m legendary
I love my girl but weddings scare me
I can’t fight the force, my dad is twice divorced, might be hereditary
Pitaya smoothies with the elderberry
Y’all not my contemporaries
Y’all are temporary
‘Cause the music ain’t even secondary
Y’all put the money and the bitches over it
So you fell off now the bitches over it, it’s over with
I’m tryna keep my soul aligned
Momma gave me Moldavite
Took her and the family out to Italy, we saw the Dolomites
We saw Venice we saw Puglia and Tuscany
You might have more money but you’ve never left the country
Who’s really rich?
They hear this and say, “Oh, Russ can sing but he can really spit”
Cold-blooded, I’m amphibious
There’s women that I’ve never shared a meal with
That think we shared feelings, keep it real bitch
You know what it was
Told yo’ ass from the jump
But y’all be thinking y’all can fuck and suck your way into love
And when my mind didn’t change, I get accused of hurting feelings but you hurt yourself
Runnin’ after someone who don’t want you, you desert yourself
But enough of stubborn women who be thinking they too pretty to get curved
Bitch I’m busy, I’m at work
You not priority
I copped two Bentleys and two Benzes during quarantine
Regulate my diet like I’m Warren G
Tryna keep my shirt off the whole tour then hit the Florida keys
Plant an orange tree, that’s the fruits of my labor
I’m from the generation where it isn’t cool to be haters
You see, social media made everyone think they’re celebrities
But what have y’all done that’s worth celebrating?
And everybody got the same personality and identities
The sheep just multiplied, this shit is devastating

And embarrasing