Russ – Tired Lyrics

Russ Tired Lyrics

Tired of dealing with shit that I don’t wanna deal with, I’m tired of dealing with me
Tired that I’m making all of this money and feeling like none of it’s coming to me
Tired of feeling confused and not knowing which way that I’m supposed to be going in life
Tired of looking around to see everyone else, and it seems like they doin’ it right
Tired of running a mile a minute inside of my head, I’m just tryna slow down
Tired of knowing what I should be doing but doin’ the opposite, f**kin’ around
Tired of people just sayin’ whatever about me and thinking I’m letting it slide
Tired of having to be this new version of me who’s at peace with you pussies go die
Tired of not regulating my anger and sayin’ some shit that I wanna take back
Tired of having to say that I’m sorry but never be gettin’ apologies back
Tired of hearing ’bout slidin’ on opps and poppin’ a Perc’, there’s gotta be more
Tired of feeling like everything that I’ve been hearing is worse than the music before
Tired of people just blurting shit out on the internet, not knowing, they’re just assuming
Tired of people who failed at what they wanna do tryna tell me what I should be doing
Tired of being at war with the man in the mirror, I’m tired of beating him up
Tired of feeling like my only peace is when I got a model that’s eating me up
Tired of workin’ and workin’ and workin’ and feeling like I always gotta be on
Tired of talking ’bout Mom with my dad, and I’m tired of talking ’bout Dad with my mom
Tired of feeling like the only shit that I haven’t done is win a Grammy and die
Tired of telling this woman I’m done with her, but she keeps tryna pop up in my life
Tired of struggling being myself around people I care about, shit is annoying
Tired of feeling so guilty if I wanna take a sabbatical for my enjoyment
Tired of feeling like I gotta struggle or else I’m not worthy of any success
Tired of feeling like that to the point that I give myself work, I’m addicted to stress
Tired of feeling like what is the point when I already won, yeah, I already did it
Tired of not knowing how to hang out with my friends if I’m not making music or drinking
Tired of people who don’t know a thing ’bout my come up just lying and making shit up
Tired of having to deal with these industry people when I know they’re all fake as f**k
Tired of companies running monopolies lying and cheating and rigging the game
Tired of battling artists who’s faking their streams, I’m so tired I might do the same
Tired of self improvement being corny, but self destruction gets a round of applause
Tired of people who say put the guns down but celebrate murder in all of the songs
Tired of wakin’ up to someone f**kin’ up everyday, I gotta clean up a mess
Tired of feeling like I can’t relax in an interview, I gotta puff out my chest
Tired of being afraid that I’m gonna lose everything, tired of being on edge
Tired of taking responsibility for peoples emotions, I said what I said
I’m tired

There’s probably more shit that I’m tired of, to be honest, but
I’m tired of doing this song, so
F**k it

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Russ
  • Album: Tired
  • Released: 2024