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Russ – Utah Freestyle Lyrics

Russ Utah Freestyle Lyrics, Utah Freestyle Lyrics Russ

Damn, this beat is crazy
Who made, oh, I get it, haha
Let me just update

I’ve been balancin’ my chakras in the mountains out in Utah
I know I’m the greatest, that’s the energy I move off
I don’t even gotta play the game like [?]
But still gettin’ paid more than you all
I might buy a new loft, just to entertain hoes
I rarely fuck with white chicks, but shout out to the Wayans bros
Every woman’s beautiful, I’m just givin’ personal stats
Real boss, I fund it from my personal stash
I’ma touch a hundred million by thirty-never
And next year I’m goin’ platinum like thirty times (Uh-huh)
And if my twenties taught me anything (What?)
It’s stay away from people who put money over everything
That’s a liability, me and doubts severed the ties
I be talkin’ to myself to get expert advice
Can’t be stuck in the past and put my heart in a trance
When I stumble, I’m aware, that’s just part of the dance
Prosperity, that’s the clear visual, right?
Got my girl tapped in to her spiritual side
I’m the G.O.A.T, I give people hope
I make people like they’re rich when they’re broke
I’m slittin’ rappers throats, kill ’em all fuck ’em (Fuck ’em)
If you don’t show love, ’til I’m dead you gettin’ jumped on
I be cheerin’ them all from my casket (Ha)
Haven’t seen a rapper who’s talk shit, that we gave a pass yet
Access, I still got the same as the major labels
They wait ’til you got a table, then they take the table
Through the speakers, I give life to the dreamers, so it’s deeper
I don’t got fans, I got believers
Put my face on t-shirt, I ain’t even dead yet
Just made a hundred thousand, I ain’t even leave my bed yet
Nothing went right so I went left
To myself I said, “Yes”, [?] in my head and my headrest
Women fall in love with me, bosses know it’s up with me
You don’t gotta fuck with me, I fuck with me
Luckily I’m free, regardless if they mass hatin’
Unlike most of these rappers who economically are castrated
‘Cause y’all don’t own your music, y’all don’t have a fuckin’ voice
‘Til the promoter hires y’all, y’all are unemployed
Livin’ cheque to cheque, that could never be me
Like Hov, “On your own or you can never be free”, stupid
The level up is what y’all currently watchin’
Y’all original, me, I’ve been currency swappin’
Y’all are seasonal, me, bitch, I’m currently poppin’
I got the power so you know at times the journey’s exhaustin’
My bank account’s a fat bastard
I’m a member of some gold and platinum plaques, I ain’t lyin’, mad [?]
The bag snatcher, last laugher
Ass slapper, pressed a couple whack rappers
This game is full of backstabbers, not back scratchers
When my back itched, I had to use the wall and bounce back after
Ridin’ in the Ghost, ask Casper
Model givin’ throat, she don’t got the gag factor
The gas that I own could fill a whole grass pasture
My story isn’t finished, this is not the last chapter
Your money’s young, it’s too short, dawg, you got a bad password
The devil’s in disguise, can use your eyes to unmask ’em
Gotta trust your gut, listen to your intuition
I’m the shit the game is missin’, ya-dee, ya-dee
Y’all get it, ha

CHOMP 2 on the way maybe I’ll put this song on, I don’t know