Ryan Trey – X6 Intro Lyrics

Ryan Trey X6 Intro Lyrics

Ahh, so we back again
Hoes tryin’, niggas tryin’, same Trey, different sins
Girls sayin’, “hated how you did me, but I’m still a fan”
Niggas play roulette with every tweet like I won’t spin again
She just used to nights that niggas rent, but bitch this ain’t pretend
Love is somethin’ I should set aside, I think its settin’ in
Ask her what’s she need before I leave said, “play that shit again”
Play that shit again
Road runnin’, slide on 64, the shit I’m whippin’ in
Classmates hated, I was never good at fittin’ in
Now my only class is if it starts with E and ends with Benz
17 recording, then overseas by 20
I’ve overseen sex, money, and other things
I’m stuck in this older me
This far from a sober dream
What’s lurkin’ that’s over me
Used to shy away but now it’s nah
She gon give me side eye
Hold my drink while I
Show her 2 heart eyes
Give her 2 Pradas
And let this bitch get shut eye
I been workin’ on my aim, I cannot get no shut eye
I mean I’ll lay beside her now, but I’ll be gone by sunrise
Baby Trey, there’s no excuse for you to stay here so long
I may come here by myself, but I ain’t leavin’ solo
Then I rinse it and repeat, I hate I’ve gotten this low
Wasn’t like this in 18, but there’s some things that I know
I know
R.I.P Lacy
R.I.P Vidic, shit
R.I.P to a lot of shit man
64 East Saga
Historic, for real