RZA, DJ Scratch – Pugilism Lyrics

RZA Pugilism Lyrics, DJ Scratch Pugilism Lyrics

The Shabama lama hammer grammar slammer nothing new to this
Shaolin kung fu Wutang pugilist. Yellow blue diamonds, black buddah beads circle wrist
You attack me from the back… that was foolishness
We move together as one like a school of fish
Poison needle shot you tried to block. It went through your wrist
18 low hand stance this is laughing buddah fist
Butterfly knifes lighting striking like a cumulous
Overthrow your quote trap your throat like tuberculosis
2020 quarantine I developed perfect focus
Winter Green limousine rhinestone denim jeans
Use to play with triple beams now I’m into simple things
Army issued m16’s blow your ass to smithereens
Have your crew twitching like they fiending for that nicotine
Watch out watch out here she comes
Up! she’s a man eater
Rappers are a bunch of ants and I’m a hungry ant eater

Consume that poisonous dead meat its tumorous
All that poison in the airwaves I’m immune to it
You striving for a car and lab I got numerous
You thought you could deflect my finger jab that was humorous

Consuming poisonous dead meat that is tumorous
All the poison in the air I’m immune to it
You striving for a car and lab I got numerous
You thought you could defeat the finger jab that was humorous

This is 9 ball rack em up
We back em up with half of us
Y’all niggas stuck I’m bout to clear the spot like the aqueduct
Man-which or sand-which my clan switch the bandwidth
Blam if you come up you get bopped boy so stand stiff
Copper with the diamond herringbone, now you hop along
Bum couldn’t pop a bone need some testosterone
Weak ass freak and your bitch is from a foster home
Thought she could bag the RZA told that girl hop along
Pockets yeah they overweight 100k I’ll hold the date
Bout to skate, motivate, float to the golden state
Warrior I’ll overtake never in a sober state
Incorporate a Muay Thai blow that’ll cause your shoulder to break
Dislocate your arm from a joint you’s a lowercase
Me I’m a capital OG but hold up wait
I drink with distinguished females and link with distinctive G-men
That’s known to sink ships and speak with multi-millionaires and billionaires
Who only sleep with hand woven mink pillows and girls with pink tits
The man with the Gucci print handkerchief
He banks with the wife of the Governor’s right hand from Anchorage
Old cold snow-bunny honey’s with money
Getting drunk off of dirty Martini’s and air they laundry
Squeaky clean turbo charged Bentley parked in my garage
The Wu-Villa backyard looks like a east mirage