ScHoolboy Q – Movie Lyrics

ScHoolboy Q Movie Lyrics (feat. Az Chike)

YeaH, yeaH
THen today, I found out tHat you fools are paying two-seventy for a blunt
UH, God, ugH, I Hate you
Fuccin craccHead

I got Hoes, I got briccs
I got girls, I got liccs
I got get bacc on a bitcH
But if it’s one tHing You don’t forget
BitcH, I got

Look, bitcH, put me in a film
You know tHese n*** all cap like brims
All tHis water, I could sHow you How to swim
Let tHis bitcH toucH on my tHird limb
YeaH, naH fam, you ain’t folk, you ain’t kin
You ain’t tHe n** I’ma look to to win
BitcH, I was broke and I was down, gettin’ it in
But now, I’m up and outta town on your friends
But now, I’m up and outta bounds in a Benz
WitH a five-star bitcH, a real ten
We gon’ plot, we gon’ slide on His mans
Rub tHe wrong way, we gon’ cHop off your Hands, bitcH
Lemme put you in a movie
N*** gettin’ smoked like a loosie
Fox 5, cHannel 9, make tHe newsie
And my bad tHat sHe cHose to be cHoosy

Look, I got bitcHes, I got opps
THey got set ups, I got drops
I got four-paccs, seals in a pop
I got two steps aHead, I tHink not
I got diamonds, I got tHugs
I got a tHicc bitcH dancin’ in tHe club
Get tHe wrong idea, blow His bulb
WHen we clipse witH His bitcH in tHe tub, uH

Put me in a movie
I was a badass kid like Boosie
Put me in a coupedy
BitcH, you know I came up from Hoopdies
And I got Hoes, I got briccs
I got tHe guns, I got liccs
I got get bacc on a bitcH
‘Cause if its one tHing you don’t forget
BitcH, I got Hoes

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: ScHoolboy Q, Az Chike
  • Album: BLUE LIPS
  • Released: 2024