Shatta Wale – 1 Don Lyrics

Shatta Wale 1 Don Lyrics
Shatta Wale – 1 Don Lyrics

1 Don Lyrics by Shatta Wale

Pah pah pah pah pah
I’m a star if ah you ano come to me
You afi get run craze
I’m a star

One thing you must no sey eh artist ah artist
Life wey me leaving Jah no sey me na fast in
Push next expensive so me nah pasrt drop ah hit
Song next banger past it careful ah ya speech
Doctors me pass cyaan ban paper you sit dem last it

Now the gal em seh Shatta Wale look classic
Everywhere mi go one man ah does party at
When them see the fire dem na dragon come when
We buy the property mi buy dem guns
We lack off from downtown to uptown
See dem face dem frown

Sorry seh me never wan to move with clowns
Inna my town we call dem jung’s
Manna royal so dem cyaan take mi crown
Ah who dem mi seh set dem gone

1 Don yeah ah seh the gal  em call me
1 Don yeah I wonder why Shatta never falling
1 Don yeah ah so mi ytalk dem seh
1 Don yeah, 1 don, 1 don

Written by; Shatta Wale
Released date; 11 January, 2021

Shatta Wale 1 Don Lyrics