Shenseea – Flava Lyrics

Shenseea Flava Lyrics (feat. Coi Leray)

U say me look good In my tight little dress
Bruck it up a me make the man them obsessed
Put in the work when we dance and we sweat
Dangerous wen the pum pum get wet
Smooth like the skin on my face
Draw figure 8 when me wine up me waist
Bumper on boom we no need 808
If you get a taste you gon lick up the plate
U wanna rub it up, touch it up
Feel up, Bend it up
On it all night

If the lights went down could you keep it up baby
You wanna drop it down
Pick it up
Turn around Lift it up
For you all night
Bet you wanna get some a my dutty love baby
The boys them all want me, want me
Them gyal a get salty salty
When me talking spicy spicy
It make you want bite me bite me

You just want the flava flava
You just want the flava flava
You just want the flava flava
You just want the flava flava

Come on baby, what you trying to do?
I’m trying to pull up on you like a drive thru
I wanna know if we rockin’
Would you keep it cool?
Take trips and private dinners just for us two
Yeah, he buy me Givenchy dresses and feed me breakfast
What up
Sex is immaculate, love it when he show affection
Over the balcony, bend me over like we stretching
And I ain’t ever tappin’ out like we wrestling
Uh uh
Throw it back, back, back on it
Got all these boys mad cause I pass on it
I’m a fly b**** come on baby spend a bag on it – spend it Yeah we so extra, feeling like young and the restless

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: CHINSEA LEE, Coi Leray, Gamal Kosh Lewis, Jeff "Gitty" Gitelman, Jeriel Johnson, Kevin Theodore, Marcus Lomax, Nathalia Marshall
  • Album: Never Gets Late Here
  • Released: 2024