Smino – Lee & Lovie Lyrics

Smino Lee and Lovie Lyrics (feat. Reggie), Smino Lee & Lovie Lyrics

Do do doo
Ohhh I think ya lovely
I know you care
Let’s get old
Like Lee & Lovie

My baby got my undivided
Attention shawty so cudiado
So pretty when the sun kiss your brown skin
Round applause make the ass go bravo
Give so much of myself to others
I’m running out of self of my own shit
But as long as you put you first we don’t gotta rehearse
Cause imma do me

But you still knowwww
I think ya lovely
I know you care
Let’s get old
Like Lee & Lovie

Tryna’ get over what i’m used to
Has anybody ever used you
Beat your heart black and blue
Chu know bout it? huh
You know bout it bout it?
Fell on my head a few times
I lost a couple screws I’m
Not one to pick and choose but
You know you got it
You know you got it got it

Been a minute since I told you bout the rent due
(You been lettin’ me slide)
I wanna stand and tenant if you got room
(For the rest of my life)
Put my credit on the counter and my debit too
(Put my credit on the line)
I just got my fingers crossed one of em go through

(Eryn allen kane)
Aye aye aye

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Benjamin Tolbert, Christopher Smith Jr., Cory Henry, Emma Jean Thomas, Jacqueline Members, Michael Neil, Nathan Foley, Reginald Helms Jr, Robert Eugene Poindexter, Stanley Poindexter
  • Album: Luv 4 Rent
  • Released: 2022