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Snail Mail – c. Et Al. Lyrics

Snail Mail c Et Al Lyrics

Woke up without why or how
Wasted asleep on the couch
Routine as it is, I can start every day
Without all the messing around

Even with a job that keeps me moving
Most days, I just wanna lie down
Sleep it away till it’s nothing and
Pull the blinds all the way down, down, down

Dead of night
With a comedown so early in the morning

I hate those long drives
‘Least we ended things nice
Summer’s gotta end sometimes

Oh, Mia

Baby blue, I’m so behind
Can’t make sense of the faces in and out of my life
Whirling above our daily routines
Both buried in problems, baby, honestly

Wish it’d been you the other night
Should’ve been you, but it’s alright
Feels like I’m losing my mind, baby blue
But I’d leave it behind if you wanted me to