Stormzy – Shut Up Lyrics

Stormzy Shut Up Lyrics

State your name, cuz
Stormzy, innit?
What we doing today?
Rapping, innit?
Yeah, fucking rapping, innit?
Yeah, fire in the park, let’s go

Man try say he’s better than me
Tell my man shut up
Mention my name in your Tweets
Oi, rudeboy, shut up
Better than me?
Shut up (Shut up)
Best in the scene
Tell my man yo, yo

Couple man call me a backup dancer
On stage at the BRITs, I’m a backup dancer
If that makes me a backup dancer
The man in your vids (Backup dancer)
The man in your pics (Backup dancer)
Man wanna chat ’bout backup dancer
Big man like me with a beard
I’m a big man, how the fuck can I?

Army comes everywhere I go
I can’t run when my enemies show
Walk in the club with all of my tugs
Party’s done, everybody go home
Apart from the girl dem, you lot stay
Walk in the club all the girls say hey
Tell a man like I’m K to the A
There’s no champagne, we don’t rave

Yeah, I’m the best, I’m so cocky
I got a mob like A$AP Rocky
I set trends, dem man copy
They catch feelings, I catch bodies
They roll deep, I roll squaddy
Got about twenty-five goons in my posse
They drink Bailey’s, I drink Vossy
I get merky, they get worried

If you got a G-A-T, bring it out
Most of the real bad boys in the south
If you wanna do me something, I’m about
I’m not a gangster, I’m just about me
See my man over there with the pouch?
Dare one of you man try to get loud
All of my mandem move so foul
I might sing but I ain’t sold out

Nowadays all of my shows sold out
Headline too, yeah blud, sold out
When we roll in, they roll out
I’m so London, I’m so South
Food in the ends like there ain’t no drought
Flipz don’t talk like he’s got no mouth
I wanna make my mum so proud
Like, “Yo mum, book a flight, go now”

All of my ex girls stalkin’ me hard
Talk to my face, don’t talk to my palm
Had four bills and I bought me a car
Lil’ red whip that I bought for my marge
I straight murk, it’s a walk in the park
I take care when I water my plants
These MCs wanna talk about Lord of the Mics
You ain’t even lord of your yard

Them MCs better leave me alone
Me and your girl, we speak on the phone
Kill a whole crew of MC’s on my own
Kill a whole crew of MC’s for the throne
I was out hungry, so damn hungry
Man try to eat then leave me the bones
Now these n*****, they need me to grow
Hot chocolate and a panini to go

I’m a big man, fuck a postcode war
Man were upset by the MOBO awards
Yeah, I was gassed at the MOBO awards
‘Cause I ain’t won a MOBO before
All of you MC’s sound so bitter
Shut down Wireless, shut down Twitter
Shout out Deepee, shout out Flipper
Best my age, yeah blud

Look, if you don’t rate me, shame on you
If you don’t rate me, shame on you
Can I order a death bed for a MC?
He wants beef, let me make that two
Anyone else wanna make that move?
Anyone else wanna pay their dues?
Imposters wanna take my tune
Stiff Chocolate, yeah, my face so smooth
Check it

Don’t even talk too much, you’re a talker
Dem man still go halves on a quarter
Saw me turn from a prince to a pauper
Two cigarettes and a bottle of water
Told the bouncer I’ll get the bottles in order
Man in the kitchen putting in orders
Stiff Chocolate, skin clear like water
Smoothin’ this thing, start locking up daughters

So shut your fuckin’ stupid mouths
Chattin’ ’bout fuckin’ shit
Shut the fuck up
Shut your fuckin’ mouth
Aye rudeboy shut up
One time, yeah
Chattin’ bare fuckin’ shit
Shut up man
Pussies what

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