Strongman – Nightmare Lyrics

Strongman Nightmare Lyrics
Strongman – Nightmare Lyrics

Nightmare Lyrics by Strongman

Nana sei hey na wo ate anaa
Uh you make loss I make profit
Your favourite rap 3sh3 pocket
You save your money in your piggy banks

I save my rap in mhy confess
Bam’aba so meky3n Nike wear
Nigga got me feeling like a nightmare
Wo y3 soft and try I’m a hardware
Still looking fly in my nightware

The hardway hommie I pick
Ma br3 mo ne boy nu y3 sick
Ma y3 abofra a )nntaa
Num deworma trust me hommie I spit

When you feeling like you wanna beef me
That be the sign of your end time
But when you get the chance to beef me
Be the best there wount be the next time

Save the date , mesh3 ase ware
Ghanna rap 3nny3 nnd3 oo
Fa wo nkwasias3m free me page

Written by; Strongman
Released date; 21 December, 2020

Strongman Nightmare Lyrics

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