$UICIDEBOY$ – Life is but a Stream~ Lyrics

$UICIDEBOY$ Life is but a Stream Lyrics, Life is but a Stream Lyrics by $UICIDEBOY$

My life is a movie but i bought the tickets to late
Missing the show
Refund me they won’t
So now i make pay selling it as single frames
Telling myself that it’s bank but deep down i know it’s just change
One day the seats will be empty and one day the screen will be blank
Until that day, please don’t tempt me because i’m gonna try and stay straight
Vacant apologies hollow the blame
My sorrow is comforting and i’m in pain
I’ll follow what’s numbing, but there i’ll remain
But there i’ll remain
Call it what you want but don’t call it what it ain’t

Don’t wanna talk about my drug use
Suffer through so much abuse
Lost my way back home
Left my family all alone
Did what i would never do and can’t forgive myself
What i put my father through
Left him to burn in hell
My brother hugged me with tears in his eyes
Pointed to his veins
Tryna indicate that the blood we share is both the same
Man, i swear i died that day
Amends that i try to make
Wrote this for the words i could not find to say