Toosii – Interlude Lyrics

Toosii Interlude Lyrics (feat. Wallo267)

Yeah, them losses in life, they’re everything
See, right now, you probably can’t see it ’cause you living through it
And that’s what you’re going through right now
So you’re like, “This pain managing is un-, is unbearable”
But I promise you, tomorrow is going to be better than yesterday
And when tomorrow come, you gon’ be thankful for all the losses in life
Because it’s just an educational phase that you’re going through
But I’m telling you some extraordinary people, places, and things is waiting for you
Just stay down, man
I’m telling you, stay down
I, I know you out there
And I’m talking to you
If you’re listening to this
And you’re going through something right now
This right here is for you

Since twelve years old, wanted to be like my daddy
High school dropout but I made it out for my family
I seen green
Uh, hundred thousand in these Amiri jeans
Everything ain’t what it seem
Yeah, let me tell you
As a youngin’ I was raped, but I never told nobody
Fucking grown bitches, and I thought that it was cool ’cause of what she got me
At eleven, we moved down south, all because of Shaudi
Staying at the motel every night, I’m out my body
Middle school, we moved in with Terrence
I ain’t even know ‘em
Had the studio at his house
He ain’t know the things that I could show ’em
It was 2015 at the time and we ain’t have no crib
And these fuck n***** think my momma gon’ fuck ‘em just for a place to live
So he put us outside
And we was sleeping inside the van
He don’t even know that that played apart in me becoming a man
And to them n***** that killed my granddaddy, I never took a stand
I never even seen the video, if I did I’d probably
Damn, I

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Alexander Shuckburgh, Diego Avendano, Naujour Grainger, Wallace Peeples
  • Album: NAUJOUR
  • Released: 2023