Toosii – Rule Number 1 Lyrics

Toosii Rule Number 1 Lyrics

Real shit
And we on..
TikTok live recording this shit, you hear me
This the rule book
My three rules and shit
Y’all tell me what’s y’all three rules

Rule number one, never give a girl your heart
‘Cause she gon’ take it and break it
Rule number two, youngin’ just play your part
When it’s time, you gon’ make it
Rule number three the most important
If you listen I think it’s best that you record this
Put God first and when you leave the house grab your rod first
That’s unless you fine with tryna ride hearse
Tote something that cost a semicolon
It’s a pause before the notice
I was broke and down ain’t think you noticed
Yet somehow I’m floating, coping to ease the pain
Before you ever try to beef with me it’s best stay in your lane
Life’s wild, but wild is beauty
I smile but truly
I’m down to go catch one ‘cause I get down and groovy
Feel me
Hope they don’t think that hate what’s gon’ kill me
Sitting on top the throne where I’ll still be

And I say pray for me
They hating please believe it
Don’t trip, you know they hated Jesus
And I say, I cry so much my eyes started bleeding
Moment of silence ‘cause it’s a real n**** grieving

Slowly, slowly but surely
Upgraded my price and making sure you can’t afford me
Spinning and get to hitting with nothing less than a forty
No cellphones, black mask, stolo in case you try record me

And I can’t sleep without you
I’m talking bout that fye
I keep it on me
My love been died
Real shit

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Alex Smisek, Ashley Dawn Kutcher, Bethany Ann Warner, Cooper James Holzman, Faris Alawneh, Harry Bhatia, Naujour Grainger
  • Album: NAUJOUR
  • Released: 2023