Trippie Redd – ATLANTIS Lyrics

Trippie Redd ATLANTIS Lyrics (feat. Chief Keef)

Phew, phew (Bah, bah), phew (Bah, bah, bah)
Phew (Bah, bah, bah), phew, phew

Chillin’ in a mansion (Ha)
Crib with expansion
All my diamonds dancin’ (Yeah), my crib look like Atlantis
Pull up outstandin’, know we livin’ lavish (Lavish)
I cannot panic, went and bought a Patek (Patek)
Up like a spaceship, you up like a attic (Attic)
Up my race, like I’m off a Addy
And I keep that fifty too, and I keep like fifty goons (Brrt)
Niggas say I need to stop (Brrt)
I’ma be thuggin at sixty-two (Gang)
Hit that corner, hit that block (Bitch)
My lil’ shorty keep that mop (Brrt)
Have my shorty hit your spot (Hit your spot)
Have my shorty drop the dot (Drop the dot)
Hollow tips and red dots (Red dot)
‘Rarri coupe, red hot (Red hot)
Above the shoulders, headshot (Headshot)
Buck one and two, the feds hot (Feds shot)
Bitch, I’m livin’ by the code
I can never bend, break, or fold
These niggas gon’ erode (Woo)

Play with me, lil’ bitch, and I’ma send you to the Holy Ghost
Got my money up, I’m gettin’ cash, I’m yellin’, “Holy smokes” (Ha, bitch)
Know you doin’ bad, I’ll do you sad, leave you like, “Adios” (Baow-baow-baow)
Runnin’ up that bag, run up that cash, I’m on my cardio (Cash)
Bentley coupe, vamanos (Boom, bop)
In the trap house (Skrrt), in the kitchen playin’ dominos (Yeah)
Bring that ‘Cat out, yeah, my engine started growlin’, ho (Yeah)
Fuck that lil’ bitch, from the side, she got some talent show (She got some talent)
She know that we the best, I don’t need not no DJ Khaled, though
I’m surrounded by bodies like I’m chillin’ in the catacombs (Haha)
Niggas want me dead, I got thirty and bought me a castle, ho (Yeah)
Bitch, I’m Big 14, I don’t eat no damn casserole (Yeah)
Nigga want some smoke with me, that would be damn catastrophic
Nigga wanna work with me, then I need all of them profits (Brrt)
Shawty wanna twerk with me, told her, “Turn around and drop it”
You can’t do no dirt with me, you gon’ write a song about it (Ha)
You gon’ write a statement bout it (Ha), you gon’ tell on everybody
Woke up, put on Calvin Klein, used to rock that Fruit the Loom (Fruit the Loom)
That bitch wan’ watch Love is Blind, I wanna watch Looney Tunes (Looney Tunes)

Left wrist cost a fiscal, right wrist cost a Tesla
Heard a pussy dissin’, must been talkin’ to Alexa
Call Chief So’ your teacher, foenem comin’ to test ya
Call the gangnem coroner, foenem comin’ to stretch ya
My lil’ bitch got wet, wet, my other bitch got wetter
Put my watch next to that pussy to see which one was wetter
Let off fifty, that’s a massacre, let off fifty then skrrt
Way before I was a soldier, I was puttin’ in leg work
Draw on ’em like the Wild West, snipe his ass like Wesley
Come and see if I’ma SAT, nigga, test me
Ain’t a SRT but this one got that cat
Why we got the broom and the mop? ‘Cause they mad
Stash in the Lambo’, man, the law thought they caught me
Car so damn fast, hit the gas, now they lost me
Make a bitch smile, orthodontist, ’cause I’m flossin’
Musty lil’ bitch, please back the fuck off me

Skrrt, skrrt

New bitch to the coach crib, saw that bitch folk’s crib
Met that bitch at my crib, that bitch was at both cribs
Gangnem at your ho’ crib, and they got the pole near
Got my name in your mouth, shoot your ass in both lips
First nigga out the hood with them Ms
Only thing she saw me scratch in was rims
I just landed in Louisana, like what’s in?
Chief Sosa had the MAC and make it spam
Chief Sosa make it clap like a clam
Make it clap like trap pick with your fam’
Make it clap like all them bitches on the ‘Gram
Get clapped, can’t even play me out a gram
Bro got the bat up on his back, call him Bam
I thought it was a comic when he made it bang
I’ma twist the Hellcat in the rain
Me and the movie star life look the same

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Trippie Redd, Chief Keef
  • Released: 2023