$UICIDEBOY$ – Unlucky Me Lyrics

$UICIDEBOY$ Unlucky Me Lyrics, Suicideboys Unlucky Me Lyrics

Southside shorty on them all black forgis
$uicide for life, but I ain’t touring at 40
Bitches begging for a ring just cuz I can kinda sing
But the only thing that I want is to be a fucking normie
Hold up, lil mama
I got them thangs
What about ’em?
Whats the problem?
I got my own, you ain’t gotta solve ’em
I promise it won’t effect you

I’m just tryna holla
Starving for attention but I’m not tryna bother you
I used to come in last
Focused on the past
Now I’m drifting down the highway until I run out of gas
Don’t wanna be recognized but I ain’t wearing a mask
Just point and fucking wave
I don’t wanna be tagged

Ima north side playa snorting southside dope
Pull up in the benz
Give the southside hope
Joe exotic what I’m smoking
Backwood flaming
Backwoods claiming
(yo slick what you saying?)
Ima praying motherfucker
(lying motherfucker)

Okay up and spray a motherfucker if they step in my business
(keep spraying motherf—-!)
Sorry that’s my mental illness
Need to pop me a pill before I finish these lyrics
(ahhh okay)
Now I’m stunting like my daddy
Swerving in that caddy
Thinking about getting high because my fam rather me that way
Just know that I tried but I think it’s time
Sincerely signed, $uicide