Vybz Kartel – 1.7.76 Lyrics

Vybz Kartel 1776 Lyrics, 1776 Lyrics by Vybz Kartel

Hello world
I’m taking over
Wait till me older
Wait till me leave mommy shoulder
Start walk good
Park stroller
Go a school
Pass couple test
Do some homework
Grown work now
Roam earth yow
Drop gyal drawz
Skirt down
Whole sperm out
Earth bound
Bet yuh seh me get a fight
Seh me hurt her
And me barely land
Barely one day old
Di universe nuh hide nothing from me
Inna belly eyes open
Pan di prize
Nothing fi decision
Cahh stop me
Like something do de sign
Nah change me mind
Optimus prime
Yuh mad
One way
One don
One name
One destiny
Clandestine mission
Life ago sweet
Condense milk vision
We deh yah
But we nuh deh yah
We guh moon
We guh together
Dem a bawl
But dancehall cahh stall
Suh get ready prepare
Girls guh do yuh hair
Thugz guh get a pair
A air force
Fi wear
Welcome de debut
Of a great youth
Addi a guh lock dis fi a couple decades
Yow me ago do jersey
Me ago braids
Me ago straight jeans
And rosary chain
Braces teeth
Build an empire and rule it entire

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