WANI Lagos City Vice 2 Lyrics Tracklist

Lagos City Vice 2 extended play the consecutive second instalment from Nigerian singer, WANI.

In 2018, WANI introduced himself with his nostalgia-driven interpretation of Afrobeats on Lagos City Vice, fitting classic 2000s melodies into new formats that channelled the urgency of the upstart’s roving global sound.

On his long-anticipated follow-up, he heads in a new direction, crafting confessional songs about the joy and tensions of life in Lagos, while floating over wispy production with his signature balmy tone. From the lustrous vibe of opener “Grown Girl,” he sets the stage for a second extended gaze into the life of a young man growing up in modern-day Lagos.

Teaming up with Afropop star Buju on “Times Two (X2),” WANI dissects the complexities of a 21st-century crush, while the passive bragging of “Level” is gilded with gorgeous horns.

WANI Lagos City Vice 2 Tracklist;

  1. WANI – Grown Girl Lyrics
  2. WANI – Jailer Lyrics
  3. WANI – Times Two (X2) Lyrics [feat. Buju]
  4. WANI – Level Lyrics
  5. WANI – Smoke Out The Window Lyrics
  6. WANI – Hennessy Lyrics (feat. Prettyboy D-O)
  7. WANI – Calvin Clean Lyrics
  8. WANI – FAJI Lyrics (feat. Show Dem Camp)
  9. WANI – God Bless The Child (GBTC) Lyrics

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