Westside Gunn – Flip V. Phil Lyrics

Westside Gunn Flip V Phil Lyrics

Everyday on Broadway with the AKA
Make these pussy niggas scream mayday
Yo bitch suck the dick, say it taste like payday
On the day, lame bitch, we know we gettin’ pay-pay
Mercedes, got my coca in from Hades
A payday, it’ll be your day you’re fuckin’ decease
A cop peace pussy nigga do not want no beef
I’ll put you six feet deep from playing with this fucking G
I put ’em straight to sleep, everyday it’s own me
A Crocodile Dundee lookin’ flee, lookin’ flee
Your bitch is real mean, she gon’ get it on her knees
And I’ma bust an open one leg how I’ll please

Griselda, Griselda, Griselda

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Westside Gunn
  • Album: Peace “Fly” God
  • Released: 2022