X Ambassadors – (first dam) Lyrics

X Ambassadors first dam Lyrics

Broke my nose at first dam when I was fourteen
Never seen so much blood in my whole life
For a second, I thought maybe I was dying
For a second, everything just felt right

‘Cause when the paramedics put me on that stretcher
I swear to God it felt just like a palanquin
I was the king of pain, I smiled and I waved at my friends
As they put me in the back of that ambulance

I was a see-through boy no more
For a second I was a see-through boy no more
I wanna be loved or be on your screen
Feel like my existence has some kind of meaning

So maybe if I suffer
Maybe if I bleed
You’ll pay attention
To me

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Sam Nelson Harris
  • Album: Townie
  • Released: 2024