Yanga Chief – Fifa Lyrics

Yanga Chief Pop Star Album

Yanga Chief – Pop Star Album

Yanga Chief Fifa Lyrics

[Verse 1: Yanga Chief]
I do this every time, my heart is of a lion
They walking in my shoes, tell ’em don’t forget to shine
They talking about the grind, the hustle on my mind
The money and the Louis and my shorty down to ride
Do or die, suicide with the doors
They selling all the power in the stores, yeah
I push the button for the horse
Doctor give me something for my voice
I had to win, I never had a choice but it’s cool
‘Cause I never fucked with school
Never learnt to lose, timer taught me how to booze
All the problems and the pains
So I cruise with the bottle and the fame
Demons in the frame but it’s all God blessed
And even with the pen, I’m making more progress
And even with the chains, the hustle don’t cost less
I never need correct and I just need more cheques
Fuck it, I ain’t seen your text

[Chorus: Langa Mavuso]
Suicide thoughts made me feel [?]
Night crawls and now I’m feeling [?], oh
Love hurts and now it killed the drum oh
I don’t wanna fall that’s why I gotta keep on
Prayed a lot that’s why we gotta switch the [?]

See I couldn’t fade in
And they wish I caved in, yeah
And fall apart, fall apart
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah

[Verse 2: Yanga Chief]
Story of my life, got a shorty and a mic
Funny how these haters think I did it overnight
Made a couple of promises and had some oversights
Now we talk in tears and candle light
Diamonds and De Beers, what about my fears?
What about the years I put into it?
Every time they said I couldn’t do it
Never give it up, never settle for the jewels
Never take the money over truth, only coming in the booth
And when I come, it’s times ten
S’khaba yonk’ ikate in the cut nge size ten
I was in the rot, now I’m up, no mining
Cav’ if you cav’, we will not rewind it
Made it through a maze, thought it was a phase
Thought we’d never make it, it was written on your face
Now I’m pulling up, I see you talking like you fam
Had to burn you niggas just to turn you to a fan

[Outro: Langa Mavuso]
See I couldn’t fade in
And they wish I caved in, yeah
And fall apart, fall apart
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah

Written by; Yanga Chief
Released date; 26 November, 2020

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