Young Nudy – Keep It in the Street Lyrics

Young Nudy Keep It in the Street Lyrics, Keep It in the Street Lyrics by Young Nudy

See, you know, I know a lot of y’all niggas be, like, thinkin’
Thinkin’ a nigga ain’t slime [?] y’all ain’t doin’ anything
But what y’all niggas really don’t know, like, y’all really need to thank Savage, like
If he would’ve told me to do that, I’d try to- I be on y’all nigga ass like white on rice, bro, like
I’m talkin’ ’bout on God, like, y’all rap-niggas couldn’t breathe
Half of y’all nigga ass pussy, you ain’t ’bout what you be talkin’ ’bout, for real, for real
Y’all know what goin’ on in the city, nigga
(Yo, Pi’erre, you wanna come out here?)
Man, y’all niggas stop playin’, all y’all niggas some hoes, man

To all you fake ass, rap ass, cap ass, lame ass nigga
Y’all pussy niggas better thank Savage (For real)
If it was up to Slimeball, I’d have my nigga pull his ski mask down on all you rap niggas and get nasty (On God)
‘Cause I’m a motherfuckin’ grimy nigga (I am)
Can’t help this shit, my bloodline is real slimy, nigga (It is)
And everything that I know ’bout, keep it in the street (I do)
The only thing street in the industry is me (That how I feel)
I’m strapped up and I ain’t goin’ out like Street (I ain’t)
Sellin’ bags for the cheap (I got ’em)
Nigga think ’bout tryin’ me, tryna play with my money
Found that nigga, lost-and-found (Lost-and-found), body full, a lot of rounds (Yeah)
That the way that shit go down on my side of town (EA, man)
It can get jammed up, don’t you run your mouth (Yeah)
Show them what that money ’bout (Money ’bout)
Show them what your lawyer talkin’ ’bout (Show them what your lawyer talkin’ ’bout), nah, for real
If it is a drop, then take a trip (Yeah), come back with the tree you need (Yeah)
Drop your nuts and you get all the P’s, nah, for real
I ain’t scared to make a move (What?), I ain’t scared to meet a plug (What?)
Hope you ain’t tryna set a nigga up ’cause I’m goin’ in like a thug (I’m goin’ in like a thug)
Nigga get jailed or is dirt, I ain’t tryna do 9-1-1 (Uh-uh)
I’m gon’ kill me a nigga, and I ain’t sayin’ none (Nah)
I’m go die with my sins (Die with my sins), I done crossed out friends (Yeah)
I done upgraded my life, nigga, now I can buy me a Benz (Now I can buy me a Benz)
I ain’t had no pot to piss in, but a door to kick in (Kick in, yeah)
Know I count a lot of money, nigga, call me Mr. Backend (I’m loaded, bitch)
For real, nah, for real, dawg, nah, for real, dawg (You really killin’ shit?), yeah, nah, for real, dawg (Yeah)
Nah, for real, dawg, yeah, nah, for real, dawg (You really seen them bodies before?)
Nah, for real, dawg (Yeah, I seen ’em), yeah, nah, for real, dawg, yeah (They spinned ’em, they couldn’t get up)
Nah, for real, dawg (They spinned ’em), nah, for real, dawg (Them folks be walkin’ people down), yeah, nah, for real, dawg
Nah, for real, dawg, yeah, nah, for real, dawg
Nah, for real, dawg, yeah, nah, for real, dawg
Do you know how many of these rap niggas I done tried? (I tried)
The one’s from Atlanta know who be really slime (Who be slime)
That why these niggas out here scared to come and fuck with slime (Fuck ’em)
I really don’t speak about this shit but, now, I got some time (Got some time)
How many of these niggas done duck and dodge when they know we slidin’? (Yeah)
Freeze up when I’m at a show (Yeah)
Nigga, I make your favorite rapper show up when I leave the show (Pussy ass nigga)
And these niggas cryin’ about a bitch, nigga, but it was a ho (But it was a ho)
Nigga shouldn’t have never tried one of mine, that’s just how that go (How that go)
And that nigga say he east side, ayy, but we took him off (We took him off)
And that nigga say that he fly, big homie black and white (He a rat)
Nigga tried to get me on songs, ayy, boy, you killin’ me (You killin’ me)
Nigga tried to diss me, you’s a fan, nigga (You’s a fan, nigga), damn
Nigga hatin’ ’cause I got bands, and these folks don’t understand (Understand)
I don’t even be prayin’, I be layin’ (I be layin’ lil’ niggas)
Savage, he be tellin’ me, “chill” (Yeah), he know I be ready to kill (Yeah)
Everything on my mind be ’bout drill (Talkin’ ’bout, I’m tellin’ you)

Haha, hahahaha, haha, for real, though
That just, that just, man, [?]
But if you feel some type of way ’bout me, dawg
I don’t give a fuck, hahaha
I don’t give no fuck, I swear I don’t