Zack Fox uhhh Lyrics

Hoe sit down I got cash I need to calculate
soon as I walk up in this bitch the opps evacuate
choppin up them blades brought the choppas to a dinner date
Ridin round hot drop the top I need to ventilate
bitch ring the bell, beat a n**** like I’m Triple H
whip red as hell bitch I’m bleedin down the interstate
all my n***** hungry bitch you lucky you ain’t gettin ate
way I hate these n***** you’d figure that I invented hate

Goddamn, all of my bitches speak different languages
Goddamn, if this shit don’t shake then bitch I’m takin shit
Boy I got so many sticks I let enemies take they pick
pussy n**** mad told him eat a bag of baby dicks

UHHH y’all n***** not it
UHHH all my n***** pop shit

Kick a bitch n**** off a cliff without no parachute
fuck n**** prolly callin 12 just like a Karen do
Red dot on a n**** cheek he look like pikachu
All my n***** evil look like people off of beetlejuice
Pickin up yo bitch in the foreign it go beep beep beep beep
bitch I’m doin numbers I’m covered in V-V-V-V-Vs
bitches was just laughin about me like kikikikiki
now they see my ass in that audi and try to sleep wit me

UHHH y’all n***** not it
UHHH all my n***** pop shit

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