Bas – Yao Ming Lyrics

Bas Yao Ming Lyrics

Yao Ming
Yao, Yao Ming

Let’s bring it back, though
I know God love me everyday, He drop a bag, though
Never chasing money, it’s just something I attract, though
Business on the golf course, millions on these back fours
Blame it on my pops ’cause I came for the top, no
I came up off the top rope, elbow to your noggin
She gon’ make the block woke, when she get her back broke
I know what to ask for, I’m the one she jockin’
I’m the one she jack, though
I know how that ass slow down then it fast forward
I don’t love her back, though
She gon’ feel away and tell the city where I’m at, though
Bitches tryna line me, but I’m not a map, though
I am not a flagpole, you not finna climb me
I am not a tadpole, but a n** slimey
I been getting money since a youngin’ with consignment
N*** take a crib out, they just study the assignment
They say money blinding, bitch, I’m Helen Keller
In a Pelle Pelle leather feeling deader to the better days
Wish we could rewind them
Peanut Butter, ’63, I wish that you could sit with me
You played yourself and fade away, damn

Oh, how the mighty have fallen
I thought as I laid on the ground
Made my way back on my own
Fuck would I need from you now?
Zaza, I’m ET, phone home
See you boys on my way down
If you could see how I’ve grown
Money stacked taller than Yao

Yao Ming
Yao, Yao Ming
Yao, Yao, Yao
Yao Ming
Yao, Yao Ming

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Abbas Hamad, Joe Harrison, Linden Jay, Lydia Kitto
  • Album: We Only Talk About Real Sh!t When We’re F*cked Up
  • Released: 2023