Beyoncé – YA YA Lyrics

Beyoncé YA YA Lyrics

Hello, girls (Hello, Beyoncé)
Hello, fellas (You’re pretty swell)
Those petty ones can’t fuck with me (Why?)
‘Cause I’m a clever girl, we snappin’
Toms, please (Pretty please)
We wanna welcome you
To the Beyoncé “Cowboy Carter Act II”, ah
And a rodeo Chitlin’ Circuit
We gon’ make it do what it do, ya-ya
Put them hands together, we clappin’, we drummin’

Ya, ya-ya-ya-ya, ya-ya, ya-ya-ya-ya (Oh, ya-ya-ya-ya)
Ya-ya, ya-ya-ya-ya, ya-ya, ya-ya-ya-ya (Oh, ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya)
Ya-ya, ya-ya-ya-ya, ya-ya, ya-ya-ya-ya, ya-ya (Ya-ya-ya-ya)
B-E-Y-I-N-C-E, ya

My family lived and died in America, huh
Good ole USA, shit (Good ole USA)
Whole lotta red in that white and blue, huh
History can’t be erased, ooh
You lookin’ for a new America? (America)
Are you tired, workin’ time and a half for half the pay? Ya-ya (Half the pay)
I just pray that we don’t crash, keep my Bible on the dash
We gotta keep the faith

Wildfire burnt his house down
Insurance ain’t gon’ pay no Fannie Mae, shit
So hold this holster, pour mo’ liquor please
Hard workin’ man ain’t got no money in a bank, ha, ya-ya
Turn up the vinyl and the radio (Radio)
He can’t watch the news nowadays (Nowadays)
Oh, I just pray that he don’t crash, keep his pistol on the dash
He gotta keep the faith

She’s pickin’ up good vibrations
He’s lookin’ for sweet sensations

Ladies, fuck it (Yeah?)
We shakin’, we swimmin’
We jerkin’, we twerkin’
You wanna touch it, don’t ya?
Come get this genie in a bottle, come rub it, won’t ya?
I pop it, I walk it like I talk it
I got your spurs sparkin’
Ya, ya, ya, ya, ya
Ah, let loose, do what you do, baby, good God

I don’t wanna hear no ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya
I got ya daydreamin’, put your lips on my lips
And strum me like a guitar, la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la
You got me movin’, boy, you got me ooh-in’
You might know what you’re doin’
Put them babies to bed, we sweat out the sheets
Got you up all night and now, you don’t wanna leave
I can soothe your pain, yeah
When I’m long gone, you’ll call my name, yeah
World of wind got you insane, yeah, it’s givin’ me the faith

I’m pickin’ up good vibrations
He’s givin’ me sweet sensations

B-E-Y-I-N-C-E, ya
We gon’ bus it down from Texas to Gary (From Texas to Gary)
All the way down to New York City (New York City)
And give me a kiss, big daddy, you so pretty, so pretty

Got these slugs in my mouth, when I die, don’t take ’em out
Got these slugs in my mouth, when I die, don’t take ’em out
Baby, if you ain’t got no grits, get the fuck up out the South
If you ain’t got no grits, get the fuck up out the South
Life is coming at me fast, keep my Bible on the dash
Keep this pistol in my seat just in case I gotta blast

I just wanna shake my ass (Have a blast)
Ooh, I just wanna shake my ass (Have a blast)
Ooh, we vibratin’
And lover boy, you’re so fine, ooh
You got me losin’ my mind
But you, I gotta keep the faith
Oh, we gotta keep the faith
Ah, vote!
Ah-oh, whoa

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Beyoncé
  • Released: 2024