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BIG30 & Pooh Shiesty – Free Shiest Life Lyrics

BIG30 Free Shiest Life Lyrics, Free Shiest Life Lyrics by BIG30

I got 40 days left for me to find out where they at
33 shots left up in the chopper 10 shots in a tec
I know ima shake the spot won’t never panic break a sweat
When I see you that’s yo night not be a hash tag on the net
How the fuck you claim my shit you see my opp and don’t get off
I’m disgusted with you n**** I started to break yo fucking jaw
Mane that shit would’ve got ugly if I was there when you got caught
You would’ve been the next one burning in this blunt to make me cough
Blrrrd, Big Blrrrd chain I’m in this hoe looking like
50 Cent
We Blrrrd Gang we get active we never send a hit
Might catch my next one on yo block
Pull up bumping his shit
Shaky ass shots sent from afar
Chased they ass down with switches
That fully ripped all through his ribs made the boy rib crumble

Pussy got hit with that glizzy he holla out for his mama
No saving in the Haven in my hood it’s royal rumble
Before I pick which chain I’m wearing I’m picking out that thumper
Clutch on whoever
My mama got one son and he was brought up off
Everyday eating noodles with the hot sauce and black pepper
Can’t never go for shit fo’ rap I really was a stepper
Two-stepping with that 40 catch me dancing with the devil
Every state with them dracs we don’t give a fuck if they dirty
Can’t perform with no gun you can’t book Big without the 30
Them Percocet stop working so I fuck round pop a curry
You played in any way this on my kids we still gone hurt’em
When it come to this beef we get to flipping shit like burgers
And you can’t join the gang unless you know some bout a murder
New Opp Pacc in my lungs wock got me moving like a turtle
Flag round my head in my C8 I’m big grape I bang purple
I’m grape a I been crippin’ n****
My head high My eyes low
Dope in my system n**k*
The man of the house I take care all my sisters
You bet not play round with my girls ima go get a

Know I’m sayin’, see a lot of n***** talk this shit lotta n**kk* just rap
This shit we really gonna go get a n**** mane n***** just hollin’ this choppa gang shit out for a brand for a clout and shit
This shit forreal mane if yeen putting’ it down for yo shit n**** don’t need to even holla that shit know
I’m tumb bout forreal Big Blrrrd Choppa Gang Ent
CEO status I put on for this shit

[Pooh Shiesty]
Way before we ran cross the money n***** paid us with respect (Way before we ran cross the money nxxkk* paid us with respect)
Know CGE stand down to no one we the ones who pose a threat
Almost up the choppa on my fan he done got to close to my neck