Chief Keef – Harley Quinn Lyrics

Chief Keef Harley Quinn Lyrics, Mike WiLL Made-It Harley Quinn Lyrics, Harley Quinn Lyrics by Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It

(Yung, ‘Rari
Turn the lights off real quick
So you could see the shit still blingin’

Caught a fox, cut his tail off (Bang)
Seen a rat, stomped his head off (Come here)
Blue Summer, turn into a red Fall
Make a nigga run fast, call ’em Sonic Hedgehog (Brrt)
We let off some shots, they gon’ all be dead (Bang)
I told my daughter stop breakin’ off her Barbie heads (Duh-duh-duh)

I know they mad I’m livin’, because they want me dead (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
Girly ass nigga, break you like a Barbie leg (Huh)
Pussy ass boy, get that bitch a Barbie pen (Yeah)
You don’t want gang up in yo’ shit? Don’t have a party then (Bitch)
If it went down quick, bitch, it’s probably sent (Sent)
Air the whole spot out, we make the party trend (Bang, bang, bang, bang-bang)
I just purchased two of the same guns, they probably twins (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
She sayin’ I ain’t shit, then she sayin’ that I’m probably is (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
I just met a bitch named Pam and fucked her just like Tommy did (Like Tommy did. ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)

Yeah I know my daddy, but that nigga never bought me shit
(Bitch, yeah)
A bitch just did her makeup, she lookin’ just like Harley Quinn (Woo)
We’ll chop yo’ body up and put it in a garbage can (Bang, bang, bang, bang)
Went through my contacts, and what I seen? Hardly friends (None)
The teacher told me, “You ain’t wanna come to school
Why the fuck you tardy then?” (Huh, huh)
Went to school for shit, ’cause them bitches didn’t taught me shit (Ouu)
Grandpa took me fishin’ one time, and I ain’t caught me shit (Nah, nah, nah)

When I ain’t have it, I asked for a pack and bitch ass niggas wouldn’t throw me shit (Nah, huh, huh, huh)
Now I can return your whole pack, yeah, bitch, I’m on my Kobe shit
Lil nigga, that ain’t how you ball, I can see you on yo’ Lonzo shit (Bih, bih, bih, bih, bih)
I’m in the woods smokin’ big ‘Woods, I can see you on yo’ Fronto shit (Dope)
Lil nigga, I’ll take your shit from you before I ask you to front yo’ shit (Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh)
Pulled up flexin’ like the man
She say she see me on my Macho shit (Beep)