Dave East & Harry Fraud – Red Fox Restaurant Lyrics ft. Curren$y

Dave East and Harry Fraud Red Fox Restaurant Lyrics, Red Fox Restaurant Lyrics by Dave East and Harry Fraud

At the present time, we have no information about the whereabouts of Mr. Hoffa
We have no information that he is living or dead

(La Musica de Harry Fraud)

It was a stable way of living, still a nigga had to stop
At the rate we was getting it how could we refuse to cop?
I took over the block
Stood on top my money, saw a way out
The high life, every night
We living like the ball drop
On New Year’s, but that ain’t firecrackers that you hear
Best believe there’s candy stashed beneath them trees
Them boys will blast you, then they flee the scene
Don’t ask me what team I’m from, what side I’m on
East side New Orleans where I started
Top of the world before I’m done
This the never die corporation
Making wages with my neighbors
Porsche’s and Ferraris racing
I work hard and I made it
Y’all niggas hardly hustling garbage
And they bars is scribbled on some toilet paper
Blaze I got it, my gang keep the ladies excited
She saw the car that I’m driving, and now she want to get fucked inside it
Happy to oblige, everyday I’m high
Came here to collect my check, now show me where to sign

Early yesterday acting on a request from the Hoffa family
Police found Hoffas’ car in the restaurant parking lot
Said it showed no sign of a struggle

No need for no doctor
You disappear like Jimmy Hoffa
Blacked out in the spot with a Hennessy
I don’t drink no vodka
On my Poppa
I done blew more tree than any Rasta
One more shot, and we could rob em
Lot of jokers, we ain’t got em
Niggas spiteful
I’m far from religious, ain’t read the Bible
I pray Allah forgive me, don’t care about going viral
Wanted the condo with the balcony
Staircases spiral
Fuck a mask, pull a bare face
And find you, and surprise you
Been low from dice games, cause they’ll line you
My whole life changed when Nas said I got you
I paint it just like Picasso
And I don’t owe you nothing
You lucky I let you taste this bottle
They been on my body, no lying
I never chased a model
Now if I post a photo, I bet it gonna make them follow
Dig in either pocket, pull some cake up out it
You had your own dream, you could’ve went and did your thing
Didn’t have to hate about it
There so much I could say about housing
Just glad I made it out it

I have never witnessed anything in my life such as what has been going on here the last 8 weeks
An Atmosphere of fear
An atmosphere created by United States Marshals, by the FBI, and the Government as a whole
For the sole purpose of harassing, and trying to frighten citizens of the United States

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