Dave East & Harry Fraud – 60 For The Lawyer Lyrics

Dave East and Harry Fraud 60 For The Lawyer Lyrics, 60 For The Lawyer Lyrics by Dave East and Harry Fraud

(La Musica de Harry Fraud)

Guests tonight are attorney Melvin Beleye, Jimmy Hoffa

Wha’ gwan?
You sold drugs to make it happen, I respect you
Know some parents might neglect you
Never treat you like you special
Mcdonalds I had 3 for 20, meet me by the restroom
Now I’m in a condo in Biscayne, it got the best view
I see the ocean
Exotic climates got me ashy, Imma need some lotion
To really make it out the trenches you gonna need devotion
Dedication ain’t valued like it’s supposed to be
Got post traumatic stress disorder, so watch how you approaching me
Overseas they treat me like I’m Lenny Kravitz
Foamposite addict, if you see the Penny’s grab em
We at Diddy’s mansion, I’m asking him questions about Mase and Big
Nothing been in it for a minute, I’ll make you hate your fridge
Flamboyant like Big L, smoking a L on Lenox
Right in front of Minnasink, the streets will give you real instincts
Real niggas they been extinct, open that bag and I bet the building stink
Harry Fraud provided the wave, I’m just trying to feel the breeze

I have the most brilliant lawyers, and heres what they said

You bust your gun to feed your family, I respect you
I just came up on some racks, ain’t gotta sneeze for me to bless you
When your Rollie cost a house, niggas ain’t living they try to test you
Might have knew you all my life, lately I wish I never met you
I been walking on the beach, Dior slippers with the sand on em
I was out of town, I put my man on em
He had a couple grams on him, you ran on em
If you talk about that shit just stand on it
Been all about a bag, Cali swag, pull up w Vans on
Everything I do is for the family, understand me
NYPD trying to jam me, I been trying to win a Grammy
I’m Investing in stocks, no longer investing in the block
The one you helping, be the next one to plot
So I while they talking I watch
Casamigos vibes, me and my guys
Now we just talk over shots
I peeped the cops, that made me park up the block
That shit look hot, Momma used to cop the shit she was affordin’
And I just keep coming back out like Jordans, now I’m important
I just pray you ain’t infoming, just gave 60 to my lawyer

When you’re giving interviews, I read [?]
Often somebody without the best past problem with the law, and you say all I have to say about that is the court threw that case out
(That’s right) Strange to say that I hoped you would go to prison in those days

No I understand what you’re talking about, the media made me look as though I was probably one of the biggest goons
That ever took place in this country, and that I was some kind of an illiterate bum