Femi Kuti – Stop the Hate Lyrics

Femi Kuti Made Kuti Legacy Album Lyrics

Femi Kuti, Made Kuti – Legacy + Album Lyrics

Stop the Hate Lyrics by Femi Kuti

Most people just want to live in peace
One problem na government and bad policies
They make life difficult instead of bringing simplicity
The hate and suffering around so painful to see

Stop the hate
For goodness’ sake
Before it’s late
Let us make
The world a better place
Together our problems let us face
People listen there’s no time to waste
To bring justice and peace to the human race

Millions of people in search of a better life
Trapped in IDP camps many crossing danger to survive
The world is slow to act whiles we watch them suffer and die
Action is what they need not for us to sit down and cry

Written by; Femi Kuti, Made Kuti
Released date; 9 February, 2021
Album/EP; Legacy +

Femi Kuti Stop the Hate Lyrics