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Juice WRLD – Juice WRLD Speaks 2 Lyrics

Juice WRLD Juice WRLD Speaks 2 Lyrics

Rex made the beat so you know I gotta murder
They act all tough but in person they be murmuring
I’m mumbling put the gun out they get to stumbling, tumbling
And the choppa get to thundering
Shitting on all these haters like where the plunger at
I’m excited cause now I get to a party and all the people that hated on me won’t be invited
True religion on me like the Buddah
Indian style I’m the enlightened

I remember up in kindergarten my teacher told me I wouldn’t be shit
And then she saw me play the piano it made all the other kids seasick
Even though I got a couple demons I’m still screaming out thank Jesus
Upside down pyramid on me just to complement the Jesus pieces
I was a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh that’s why I pull cards on these stupid hoes
Gotta arrow not a bullet cupid hoe huh yeah
I pop percs to numb all them pain cause it hurts to live
I gotta take everything cause sometimes it hurts to give
I make money even though sometimes it don’t make sense
Speaking of taking everything it’s time to take shits
For every single person that said I wouldn’t do it
Every single person that said I was stupid
Every single person who said I was that Netflix special
What’s the name what’s the show oh clueless
But no I ain’t clueless I got this
I’m on top now so nobody can top this

Now it’s time to change the topic
I got a way with words like I’m running with a phonics book
In school I didn’t do the homework but I still got the subjects
Money ain’t the object money is the objective gotta admit that
I’m successful but I feel like my head sometimes is a little dreadful
I grew up on rock, rap, heavy metal
Now I’m riding bikes pedal to the metal
I don’t even got a petal what’s a throttle so excuse me
These n****s faking some optical illusions I’ve been looking like what the fuck is you doin
You ain’t getting money you ain’t changing shit
You ain’t changing the world you just stupid
Talking about you cracking cars selling drugs killing n****s and going hard
Watch a real n**** coming to your car now you looking all scared
Finna piss yourself shit yourself you got to admit yourself you need some help

I gotta admit myself I’m on these drugs feel like I can’t save myself
Sometimes I wanna take myself and break myself so I can reshape myself
Nobody ever felt the pain I felt
Before I share it and put it out to the whole world I ain’t embarrassed
Bunch of these n****s is my sons
I apologize to them cause I’ve been a bad parent
I’m trying because I’m not the one
See I won’t even count to two