Kodak Black – Elite Division Lyrics

Kodak Black Elite Division Lyrics


I used to be with stealers and killers and murderers and burglars
And even though I’m rich, I still keep ’em near me
I gotta change my surroundings and everybody who around me
It seem like shit don’t go right when they with me
I used to be with stealers and killers and murderers and burglars
But now I’m gettin’ further, I don’t want no dealings

Used to be fucked up ’bout my niggas and my bitches
But they took me up through there a few times, now I ain’t got no feelin’
My aunty told me “Slow down, you in an elite division”
My uncle told me “Get from ’round, them niggas don’t like you in it”
Had to get put in this position to see it myself
I forgot about me, I was taking care of everybody else
I was in the cell and I was hollerin’ at my nigga Ced
On the vent, he said he heard them niggas want me dead
I called home, they said his friends got hit in the head
I hope you never change, we Sniper Gang until the end
My brother, my cousin, my niggas down there in the feds
Even though he ain’t ride for me, every chance I get I’ma send you bread
You ain’t gotta remind me how to be real, I already know how I play
Look at us now, my nigga, remember when we was smoking red
Miss Cammy, miss Red, lil’ DT, that’s my brother too
I know what I said hurt you, but you had hurt me too
I’m drankin’ purple juice in the studio and spinnin’ ’round
Rocking that G-Shock in the cell block, you killing time
I’m from the ‘No, they already know how I be getting down
I switched my flow on them lil’ niggas who tried to steal my sound
I’m taking losses back to back, I heard them say I lost
Numbers back up, fuck everybody who countin’ out
I’m going up top, this shit, got hot, I had to switch the route
I’m the one who made the way, niggas tried to play like they forgot
I was out the door when I was a youngin, I ain’t have no money
By the time the fame came, none of these things ain’t mean nothing
I’m on the ugly how I used to
But it’s just now all my thuggin’ be on YouTube
This shit ain’t changed me, nigga, it changed y’all
I been on the same block for three days with the same drawers
So what’s up nigga, what it is?
Redid the guts on the Chevy Chevelle
I was lookin’ up to Cool as a shorty
I wanted to walk like that nigga, all ears when he talkin’
The whole project used to scream “Free Pac”
Did thirteen, his face clean, everybody loved him, he solid
Ever since Malcolm Elementary, everybody knew I’d be in penitentiary
And the way everybody switchin’, I know God got somethin’ for me so I ain’t fuckin’ trippin’