Kodak Black – On Everything Lyrics

Kodak Black On Everything Lyrics

I’ma put this on everything
Gotta be fuckin’ Madonna or somethin’
You proud of me? I’m rockin’ Prada this summer

Hidin’ dope in my dreads
Crackers in my left lane, but I’m stayin’ ahead
Even in the next life, I’m takin’ this bread
I’ma be duckin’ the fed time
Yeah, when everybody left me, I still had my dreads
I’d never cut ’em, but if I ever do, I’ma put ’em in the bag
She a thrill head and a pill head
Corona season, I finally can walk around with a mask
Ain’t smokin’ no weed, ain’t drinkin’ no lean, I’m payin’ attention to the bag
Ain’t poppin’ no Percs, I’m stayin’ alert, this money been comin’ in fast
Got my heart in a cast, yeah
She dressin’ up in her dress, she say for the sake of our love
I’ma rose gold all your diamonds and accessories, too
I know I’m a ugly-ass lil’ n****, but I look better with you
We puttin’ the SG on everything for whatever we do
I keep a maid in some lingerie, got a see-through roof
I know Lamar gon’ win the Super Bowl, first bust to the Chiefs
Every time Lil Kodak in Detroit, I got the buffs on fleek
I’m keepin’ Chelise and Chanel, I don’t even care if she sleep
Bulgari diamonds in my hair, she like it more when it’s neat
When you been through everything like me, don’t nothin’ seem that amazin’
Like all the realest n***** been takin’ dick up the anus
Nowadays, everybody wannabe gangsters
Nowadays, I’ve been controllin’ my anger
Keep boogers in the face like I’m still a lil’ baby
Hittin’ donuts in the wraith, just left the ‘yo with Lil Baby
Two babies on the way from two different ladies
That I knew back then way before I was famous

I was gettin’ my dick sucked by Tierra and my mama told them
I killed me a n**** ’bout Kiera, but she already know
I’m taxin’ all my kids seven like I’m still sellin’ dope
My people say they proud of me ’cause they been seein’ my growth
I don’t throw money, I left the playhouse throwin’ racks out the door
I don’t throw money, I’m at the bae house throwing racks on the floor
I love you in every form, I told you I ain’t playing
Don’t leave me, don’t leave me, mami, let me know you’re still praying
Yeah, this time, I want everything, need more money, more diamonds
This time, I want everything, I’ma guarantee that you smiling
Don’t leave me, don’t leave me, mimi, yeah, hold on, let me explain, yeah
I’ma put this on everything, I’ma put–

Them n***** know they ain’t Sniper Gang, that’s on everything
I’ma kill a n**** ’bout a tennis chain, that’s on everything
A million interior and that’s on everything
Now, I just want everything, I just want–