M1llionz – HDC 2.0 Lyrics

M1llionz HDC 2.0 Lyrics

Yeah the speed reloader’s quick
But the switch on the back of the g-lock faster
I remember when Soljy showed me the chip
It was ‘016 when a 4z was gangster
Pay for the slimaz to go on the trip
She don’t know that she’s trafficking bricks from Sangster
Suttin like Munchie and Mitzi
But Lasco’s bait, now I gotta use (Shhhh)
Melt the flake into liquid form
Then heat it back just to get it back proper
Filled out too many visiting forms
And they still never came, just my chick and my mother
I was at Shrewsbury Town with Ethan
But I hit the trap when I never got my scholar
Went jail, didn’t get to finish pre season
Since then I ain’t really thought ’bout soccer
Odd one out at academy trials, think I had two phones from age 14
I hate when the minutes run out on the bundle
I can’t call out but they can call me
Got me calling cats on my smartphone, 1-4-1 for a 1 on 1, poor me
One of my old nits hit me on the gram saying “Long time, flav, can you still sort teenths?”
No point sayin’ “If I don’t blow then it’s back to the line”
Cah mine never turned off
Ice in the see-through bottle isn’t Smirnoff
Ammonia splashed and his skin got burnt off
Pay a importee from Liverpool
Bergaus trackie blacked out on a Surron
Burst through the coat like the wap’s invisible
Best run quick when the keys gets turnt on

Grab a Desperados when I enter the rave
That’s why I still got my white ting cah she knows who and who does MDMA
My old ting bleaches, now she light skin, when I seen her I couldn’t resemble the face
You ain’t ever been with your fam in the morning and been in jail by the end of the day

She told me she loves me and we just met
Had to shut it down like Tyrique’s mrs
Foot slap calm if we got no car
Man march with the ting like Pisces n***
What he says in them songs don’t match his life
I feel like his bedrin writes his lyrics
It’s funny how flake just drop to the bottom
And in school I used to hide from physics

But, bro, don’t weigh 3.5’s on my scales
You’re gonna turn weed smokers into zombies
The residue from dark still on there
You can’t mix class-A drugs with the hot leaf
I heard that I’m never outside
Like I weren’t just daggering gyal by Cross Keys
Small breakfast and a concrete
I still take quick pit stops by Domdines

Wrap my tag in foil then hit them sales that call after curfew
When I hit that town with the str8 drop, dey never seen nothing like it since bird flu
If you don’t get a recommended from a five-star source, then no I can’t serve you
It’s funny when cats complain like I ain’t been runnin’ it up with worse food

First day out of the the wok, tryna size up my new probation officer
I’m not talking Caribbean freaks when I say I just found me a Bajan swallower
In NatWest changing my old notes cah the law changed and the new ones polymer
Stop checks in yard with my shoes
I always blend through when they hear I’m a foreigner

In Bar One and my phone’s on one bar
But I don’t care cah the machine full up
The mandem screaming ruggu
When dey see the real bad g, dem pull up
My dargs in homestead deal with sciance
Dey confused when I call it juju
If I give Badda Jon dis choppper
Really gonna know why he’s nickname “Tutus”

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: M1llionz
  • Album: HDC 2.0
  • Released: 2024