M1llionz – Intro (Gap Year) Lyrics

M1llionz Intro Lyrics

Ay, what? Ay, what, now?
Yo, yo

They say the only two outcomes from the street life is dead or in jail
I respond the road ting’s bigger than me
It’s just bare gun smoke that I inhale
Before it was pending investigation
I was underage, should of gave me bail (Real shit)
Growing up, nothing good in the city
Just different murders in the Birmingham mail (True)
So how on earth do you expect me to show remorse or be any different? (How?)
I come from poverty, yeah, I needed money
Instead of helping me, they sent me to prison (Dickheads)
N*** only wanna change
When they get lifed off or in critical condition
In hood, if you ain’t doing road
Then it’s be a footballer or be a musician
Now everyting’s changed
The ones that was lit, ain’t it anymore
I’ve been doing this for time
Don’t need no permission or street guarantor
From when I used to like girls that wore Claude Boutique or Juicy Couture
Ain’t got time for negative energy
I feel like that then I’m gon’ likkle more
Fresh home with a plan
Not a grand to my name, never got no care pack
I came out and n*** still broke with yutes
How the fuck are you havin’ sex bareback? (How?)
I used to hit up them bitches
DM, they used to laugh and air that
Now, look, couple years later
Tinted suburban, cuttin’ through Fairfax (Skrrt)
8AM, if I miss these cells in the other shottas
And then my whole day’s fucked (Brrt)
Old times, runnin’ out of toothpaste
Stick a knife in, make the Colgate buss (Ching)
Them n*** actin’ for the net
Not being themselves, doin’ roleplay stuff
One day is calm, next day is movin’
Hella quick, musta been the cocaine rush (Cap)
Hit the trap, save every penny
Don’t get caught in the hype, it’s as simple as that
But girls in jewels love to get in the way
N*** get sidetracked, that’s the issue
In fact, I’m tryna get Ray to drop off a parcel
The nitty downstairs came bringin’ a pack
Now, I can’t get a job in the office with a criminal record
Because there’s a stigma attached (Damn)
I take losses, and keep goin’ harder
Whatever the weather, nevertheless
If you watch another man grindin’ with jealous eyes
Then you will forever be stressed (True)
I’ma teach daughter from early
Don’t take second best, never settle for less
I said only ten make it out
These brass n*** wish it was twenty percent

Told the man soldier “Come work for me”
No biggie, I’ll give you a signin’ on fee
Half an hour to cunch
But to serve this station, stressed, am I ridin’ on E? (Skrrt)
Only tick paddy out, one of each
I don’t know why the fuck he’s hidin’ from me (Huh)
Still punch him up for the cause
What you think this is? finna style with my P’s
I’m still doin’ road in the pandemic
No days off, I’m an essential worker
It’s like a signal shit, it’s fucked
No bars, need to switch off the network server (Switch it up)
Seen a n** with his hand in his pouch
No hits though, tryna pretend it’s a burner
This yute’s only got his provisional license
He still hits the cell, just drive on a learner

I remember I couldn’t get girls
And if I snap house party di gyal ah go turn up
Skeng, done a big man from 9 now
When I want re-boot you don’t want to serve us (Ah)
Don’t go on the net and firm up
When you see man inna flesh you firms us (Ha ha)
Think you’re safe in yard tryna cut through
Get your head slap tryna que at the jerk hut (Baow)
Hold up wait (Wah?)
It’s the spinner for me
Don’t look too loung you might trigger the Gs
Double H1 drive so I fling him the keys
(Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt) Ay
Don’t bring them bait hoes, they might bring in disease
This top tight, can you see the stick in my jeans?
Need a fat pussy gyal and the vision complete, I mean

(I’m ready, come get me)
Alright then, say nothin’
I’m just patternin’ my bag and I’m leavin’ out
(Hurry up, I’m waitin’)
Say nothin’