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Macaroni Empitsu – Tomason Lyrics

Macaroni Empitsu Tomason Lyrics, Macaroni Empitsu Tomason Lyrics Japanese, Macaroni Empitsu Tomason Lyrics Romanized

トマソン あんたは誰?

頭ッからつま先へ 春一番が走るゼ
片道切符の人生、あぶねェな忘れてた サンキュー

トマソン あんたは誰?
愛憎無象の成れの果て 壊すもよし食べるもよし




頭ッからつま先へ 春一番よ駆け巡れ!

Macaroni Empitsu Tomason Lyrics English Translation

Thomasson Who are you?
“God killing time!”
My friend who appeared on the day when I was absent from a false illness
“Going to your hometown to apologize to your beloved friend”
Cut off your face
You … someday …?

From head to toe, the first spring runs
The life of a one-way ticket, she forgot about it, thank you

Thomasson Who are you?
“It’s clay, no, it’s chocolate.”
The end of love and hate elephants can be destroyed or eaten

Some flowers do not bloom because of the seeds of love
“Cut the wind and sleep” You’re me ?!

I arrived at the bar from the cradle in a blink of an eye
The fate of a round-trip commuter pass, I’m glad I was alive

4:30 pm at dawn
I slept twice if I was fascinated by it

From head to toe, run around the best in spring!
I don’t have money, but my dreams are all in my pocket
Hey Thomason, hey
Don’t suddenly disappear