Meek Mill – Giving Chanel Lyrics

Meek Mill Giving Chanel Lyrics (feat. Future)

(KJ, what you got goin’ on, man?)
(Yo, Nick Papz, make it slap, brr)

Come with the gang, he one of the gang, I get him a lawyer, I pay him a bail
He a lil’ shooter, he ain’t got no b****es, I get one my b****es to send him some mail
I was just whippin’ the ‘Rari on Collins, givin’ ’em hell
She was just eatin’ it ’til she cryin’ (Ooh), it’s givin’ Chanel
Give me some money, I know what to do, I turn one into two and just give a scale
Stackin’ my coins, all my diamonds is water, I’m knowin’ these n****s ain’t wishin’ me well
He got hit up that yop stick (Brr), ooh, his kidneys failed
I’ve been puttin’ it on and you know I’ma pop shit, ’cause I’m really for real
I ain’t kissin’ and tellin’, I’ma keep it a racky, n**** never could pack me
In the back of the Bach with a Maybach in back me, know I’m rich as an athlete
And I know what to do if them people come grab me, no, I’m never gonna press plea
Say I’m tellin on who it’ll get you smoked automatically, it’ll go on my rap sheet (Brr, brr, ooh, racks)
She throwin’ it ’cause it was fat (Okay)
I’m blowin’ it ’cause I be knowin’ I like it, get focused and go get it back (Yeah, yeah)
She gettin’ real hype ’round Mike, HOV and them, I just told her, “Relax”
This shit out the trenches, I’m fresh out the kitchen from turnin’ the stove to the max
And they killed my dawg a few days ago, I ain’t holdin’ it back (Lil’ B)
Can’t even explain how I feel, unless I’m rollin’ off these pills (Rollin’)
I smoke some weed to go to sleep and wake up prayin’ it ain’t real
Go through some new shit every week, I need some head so I could chill (For real)
For real, for real, for real, for real, really like that, for real, for real
N**** got smack, for real, for real, he ain’t really like that in the field, for real
Really got back, I started with nothin’, I’ll show you how to run up them M’s for real
For real, for real, for real, for real, for real

I’m on a G6 in a 747, f**kin’ high as a plane
That’s my lil’ n****, he a lil’ shooter, I gave him a b****, told her, “Blow out his brain”
I’m on jetskies in the ocean, givin’ them hell
She eat the dick up ’til she cry, cry, cry, it’s givin’ Chanel
I got them hitters with me, brought a whole lot of switches with me like I’m back in the trenches
I took the street route when I wake up and leave out I can throw on Givenchy
I’m in the back of the Bach with a Bach followin’ me with a Rolls behind
I got the Mac on the side of me rackys and I’m rich as a athlete
I don’t know how to talk back to the police if I get caught with a whole key
Whippin’ a Bimmer, I’m rockin a Rollie, havin’ trap money lowkey
I’m rockin’ Prada on Prada on LV, got more water on then the Maldives
Ain’t have no problem with gettin’ my Benjis, I can smell all the envy
Two hundred milli, for real, for real, I’m still with n****s that kill for real
I’m in a milly, for real, for real, they gone on a drilly for real, for real
Run up a billi for real, for real, I bill and I nilly for real, for real
I got them racks, them racks, them racks, for real, they came in a vacuum seal
I’m in a coupe, coupe and I’m droppin’ the top off ’bout to hit off a cougar
I got a plug, plug when it comes to the drugs, drugs, I got money and chula
You in the hood now, got them robbers and killers ’round, n****, work on a hill
I’m ’bout to touchdown where they runnin’ and gunnin’ down, brought them sticks with us
I’m gettin’ Lewinsky in the back of the Benzi, from two fiendskies
I got some mixed breeds tryna eat up my undies, gettin’ hungry
I’m on a lear, the vision crystal clear, uh, Cartier
She gave me mop top all year, now it’s givin’ some new gear
I got some b****es I’m ballin on this year, think I’m playin for Pat Riley
I bet the hoes came on your G6 when they thought we was doin’ Molly
I’m in the pent’, the one with the city, the view, with the glass, you get what you choose
Ridin’ the Bat Mobile, two hundred to sit on the dash, it’s givin’ a coupe

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Meek Mill, Future
  • Released: 2024