Potter Payper – In My Sleep Lyrics

Potter Payper In My Sleep Lyrics

A wise women once told me I ain’t easy to love
‘Cause I’m a fiend for this money and all I need is my gun
CC on my runners, they used to pay me to run
First time I went for a week, but I stayed for a month
And I don’t think that I’m a gangster, but they label me one
I get inspired when I see Sicker pray with his son
‘Cause I know heaven’s got a ghetto for the G’s like us
I said heaven’s got a ghetto for the G’s like us

And I’m a G by blood not relation
From Barking Road down Freemason
Midnight on Ilford Lane, I had fiends waiting
And this corn’s easy go, it must be easy come
My boy just hit road, they wanna tag and GPS him
Daily we just PTS’in, I can’t send you my locay
Every time I stand at my bro’s grave
It fucks with my whole brain
Back on my new shit, still stuck in my old ways
Heroin, cocaine, they get high like Snoop on the Soul Plane
I mean Trainspotting
You say free that man, but you ain’t got him
And you tryna fuck his wife, man, the game’s horrid
They do it all for the clout, I ain’t name dropping
‘Round here it’s real life and the bodies dropping
Life’s too short, I ain’t tryna go court
I been doing rich life with my little bro Sauce

Me and Wop cutting through in this Jaguar Jeep
I want 50 for a verse, I ain’t just rapping for me
I got bitches going mad, I might get stabbed in my sleep
But it’s just another day, I gotta practice and preach
Driving down King Edward’s with my strap on my seat
They know when they see me then it’s actually peak
But if feds see me then it’s mad and it’s breach
It’s like my life’s on a lease, I’m tryna find me some peace

I barely sleep but when I do I’m always chatting to Reece
Bussing jokes with my nanny or I’m rapping to flex
Waking up in a sweat, the roads just had that affect
Made me tapped in my head, but with the raps I’m the best
And now we elevated, top 3 but I ain’t celebrating
I might put some F’s on my shoes
I told Muni, “I’ma do this for you” (Free my boy)
So I’m literally Muni motivated
Let that go over your head again
Bro come out and brought a Z again, I guess some things never change
True they say Rome weren’t built in seven days
I like the glizzy for the solos, it’s got better range
I mix the Blue Zushi with the Gelonade
Shit, I’ve been up for seven days, seven days no sleep
I don’t eat, I just smoke weed
Crime and its proceeds

And everybody’s getting sold dreams
I’m Brad Pitt with this Jolie
You can’t tell me I owe P
The mandem are salty
Cah you see me in Dolce
And I’m on the block in my sliders, I’m cosy
Tryna hold down this big .44, but it’s bulky